Statue of Amenemhat III

Statue of Amenemhat III, limestone, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty (circa 1853-1805 BC), from Medînet Mâdi, excavation  A. Vogliano 1936-1937 (inv. n. E 0.9.40001)

The statue of Amenemhat III, Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty (circa. 1853-1805 BC), was discovered between 1936 and 1937, during excavations conducted by the papyrologist Achille Vogliano, at the site of Medînet Mâdi, in Fayum. The statue was discovered in the remains of the temple founded by the Pharaoh and dedicated to Renenutet, the cobra goddess linked to the harvest; to the crocodile Sobek, patron of the region and to Horus. The pharaoh is depicted sitting on a cubic throne wearing the royal headdress (nemes) and the uraeus on his forehead, a symbol of royalty; an offering table is resting on his knees. On the sides of his legs one can read the names of the sovereign with the epithet "beloved by Renenutet of Gia", the egyptian name of Medînet Mâdi.